The 2 element fan dipole works very well at covering all the bands 160-6 meters, while using a tuner on the non-resonant bands.

You can pick your resonant frequency on each of the 2 elements 160/80.
This antenna will be custom made for you.
Since this antenna has no exposed metal wire static charges can not build up thus reducing noise by 6dB over antennas constructed of exposed wire.
= All W2DU series baluns are CURRENT type designs =


W2DU Baluns use a ferrite sleeve to choke RF current on the cable shield!


The W2DU Maxi-Baluns owe their extremely high power capability to the fact that they contain no ferrite cores to saturate. Even at high SWR levels, the W2DU Baluns won’t generate harmonic radiation. The internal feed line passes through ferrite beads which prevent RF current from flowing on the coax shield.

HF (1.8-30 mHz)   

Each W2DU Balun has a built-in lightning arrestor, hang up hook, and 600 lbs of pull-apart strength in a weatherized, rugged package using only stainless steel hardware.

  • At 10 mHz, the HF model handles over 10 KW PEP at VSWRs up to 2:1.


14 gauge stranded FLEX-WEAVE wire.

This antenna can be hung either in a Flat-Top or Inverted V configuration.
Total approximate  length 270'. 
Legal Limit ++++++++
Add your 50 Ohm coaxial feed line, suspension rope and go.
NOTE *** A wide range tuner can be used to tune this antenna to 160-6 meters
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