8-Band: 160, 75/80, 40, 20, 17, 12, 10, & 6 meters. 270 feet (90+180) long.   

The OCF is hand crafted with the best materials. Each wire is swagged with 1/8" aluminum double ferrules-sleeves, at the balun and the ends.
The connections to the balun are soldered and crimped. Each connection is covered with adhesive lined heat shrink. 
The balun is the... W2AU 4:1

 Power Rated @ 1500 watts SSB. 

With a Heavy-Duty built-in center insulator and a large eyebolt to support the antenna without placing undue strain on the BALUN or terminals.

Manufactured by Unadilla, this is a 1.5 killowatt SSB, 4:1 for Windoms, Dipoles, Yagis and similar antennas that require 4 to 1 BALUN.

 The wire used in the construction of this antenna is...

#14 AWG 7 STRAND Copper Hard Drawn with .030 High Density PE Black Jacket. Nominal OD .133”.

Making this an excellent choice for antenna wire!  This is not the regular Home Depot #14 house wire, But a rugged 

hard drawn stranded copper wire.


Can be used as a off center fed shortwave antenna to provide continuous coverage from 500 kHz to 60 MHzSWL

No trimming - fully assembled, complete and ready to go with end insulators and crimped center and end connections.

Add your 50 Ohm coaxial feed line, suspension rope and away you go.

Can be hung Flat or inverted V configuration.     Remember stay away from power lines.

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It Works Good

John Callison on 1st Nov 2016

I just got this 160 Mete OCF Dipole this morning in the mail, I hung it in a tall Walnut tree, hung the short end on a corner of the barn, and strung the long part over some trees,it loads up good and recieves good too. I have had the 80 Meter OCF Dipole for the motorhome for a little bit and really like it too.