3KW SSB  1.5KW  RTTY where it is RESONANT.

Otherwise be smart and reduce power out to avoid saturation of the core.

 2 1/4" / 61 ferrite core wrapped using

14 AWG silver tinned copper with a Teflon jacket

sitting inside a 3" PVC round enclosure.

All stainless steel hardware used. Spark gap configured.


The dipole is constructed using top quality, Poly-


Breaking strength 370 lbs.

High Strength Aerial Wires are manufactured with high

strength, high conductivity Bare Copper-Clad Steel

(BCCS) and insulated with a high quality UV Resistant

Polyethylene to provide you with one of the strongest

and longest lasting antenna wires on the market today.

Advantages to Poly-STEALTH ™

High Strength Aerial Wires:

Ideal balance of strength and flexibility Low-Gloss finish

and small size makes wire disappear into the background

Superior abrasion resistance for running through trees

UV & Weather resistant for use on the seacoast or in

other harsh environments subjected to acid rain, high

wind, or high snow and ice loads.


Choke not included...

The OCF is hand crafted with the best materials. Each wire is swagged with 1/8" aluminum double ferrules-sleeves, at the balun and the ends.
The connections to the balun are soldered and crimped. Each connection is covered with adhesive lined heat shrink. 

Can be used as a off center fed shortwave antenna to provide continuous coverage from 500 kHz to 60 MHzSWL

No trimming - fully assembled, complete and ready to go with end insulators and crimped center and end connections.

Add your 50 Ohm coaxial feed line, suspension rope and away you go.

Can be hung Flat or inverted V configuration.     Remember stay away from power lines.

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Dipole Antenna

KG7FUV Heath on 30th Jul 2019

Works great! Thanks for the fast service.

Rreview of the antennas I purchased and receive only 3 days ago.

Vince Cattolica on 14th Jul 2019

I have no comments. I have opened the box the antennas came in and have done no more with them. If I remember to do so , I will write something after the antennas are installed and used on the air. I expect that to be before winter sets in.