W2AU Beam Balun

these Baluns can be used on beams and quads!

For matching yagi or quad elements select the Beam model of the famous W2AU Balun. These models are designed to be mounted horizontally to a beam’s boom. Pigtail wires are provided in lieu of the hooks on the wire models to connect these Baluns to the driven element.

long the standard of the industry the W2AU baluns are built to last!

The W2AU is the preferred Balun of Amateurs worldwide.

W2AU’s operate at a low VSWR from 1.8 to 40 mHz, and handle powers up to 2 KW PEP (at SWRs of less than 3:1).

W2AU Baluns are transformer designs with ferrite cores to provide 95% minimum coupling efficiency. Each has a built-in lightning arrestor, and 600 lbs of pull-apart strength in a weatherized, rugged

package using only stainless steel hardware and quality materials.

The 1:1 matches 50(75) ohms unbalanced coax to 50(75) balanced dipoles.

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product has yet to be installed

m jordan on 19th Dec 2013

Was shipped as promised arriving promptly. I has not yet been installed. Appears to be well constructed. Will review again after using it.