About the Z6SBKW/G5RV:

  • In the mid-1980s, Brian Austin (ZS6BKW) ran computer analysis to develop an antenna system that would permit a low Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) for the maximum number of HF bands possible without an antenna tuner to interface with, and a 50-Ohm coaxial cable as the main feed line. He identified a range of lengths which, when combined with a matching ladder line length, would provide this characteristic.
  • According to an acknowledged expert in computer antenna design and modeling, L. B. Cebik: “Of all the G5RV antenna system cousins, the ZS6BKW antenna system has come closest to achieving the goal that is part of the G5RV mythology: a multi-band HF antenna consisting of a single wire and simple matching system to cover as many of the amateur HF bands as possible.”
  • Published on May 13, 2012 in Amateur Radio and Radio Antennas: "Are you a fan of the G5RV antenna?  Then you may be interested in the ZS6BKW antenna. The ZS6BKW antenna is an optimized variant of the venerable old G5RV. The G5RV antenna (c. 1946) was designed by Louis Varney (G5RV, SK). The ZS6BKW (early 1980's) was derived from the G5RV by Brian Austin (G0GSF, formerly ZS6BKW).  He developed computer programs that were used in conjunction with Smith charts to calculate the optimum dimensions for his variant of the antenna. Read G0GSF's own article about the antenna."

In summary, the ZS6BKW antenna is an optimized variant of the venerable old G5RV. Unlike the original G5RV, which  requires an antenna tuner on all bands, the ZS6BKW / G5RV is capable of operating on 10, 12, 17, 20 & 40m bands, generally without a tuner, and with SWR readings usually at 1.5:1 or less.  

Using a tuner, 6, 15, 30 & 80m bands are attained with much higher efficiency than the original G5RV.

Each Antenna is handmade to order with materials carefully tested & selected by Ni4L for quality & durability:

  • Poly-STEALTH 


    Poly-STEALTH  High Strength Aerial Wires are manufactured with high strength, high conductivity Bare Copper-Clad Steel (BCCS) and insulated with a high quality UV Resistant Polyethylene to provide you with one of the strongest and longest lasting antenna wires on the market today.


     The strongest wire of the group is ideal for the longest of wire runs with or without additional support.

    Advantages to Poly-STEALTH  High Strength Aerial Wires:

     Ideal balance of strength and flexibility

    Low-Gloss finish and small size makes wire disappear into the background

    Superior abrasion resistance for running through trees

    UV & Weather resistant for use on the seacoast or in other harsh environments subjected to acid rain, high wind, or high snow and ice loads.


  • FLEXI 420-OHM LADDER LINE #16 AWG: (40') 2 #16 AWG; 19/29 strands Cu-clad with black poly jacket. Nominal OD .065 x .930; Extra flexible & less likely to break in the wind. Nominal impedance 420(ohms); VP 91.7%. Good for -20oC to +60oC degrees;
  • W2AU LL-TRANSULATOR: is the latest configuration of the very popular W2AU ANsulator. Using the same body design, the traditional eyebolt design on the sides has been replaced with Stainless Steel bolts, washers, and nut assemblies.  Like the W2AU ANsulator, it has a built-in lightning arrestor with 600 lbs. of pull-apart strength, in a weatherized, rugged package;
  • Ladder-Loc™ Center insulator: The Ladder-Loc ™ is a strain-relief and mounting support for 450-ohm ladder-line. It is UV-stabilized and has a proven field record of durability. Over 15,000 have been shipped to satisfied users;
  • SS hardware;
  • Two small end insulators.   

Hanging the Z6SBKW/G5RV:

The  ZS6BKW/ G5RV is completely  assembled and ready to hang.

It requires about 92’ of space and should be hung around 40’ high or higher.

It can be hung in a flat top or inverted V configuration.

Unlike Windom and OCF Dipoles, the ZS6BKW / G5RV is a very forgiving antenna when it comes to nearby towers, trees, fences and other structures.

Important Note:

As with all models of the G5RV antenna, the Optimized version also requires a minimum of 70 feet of 50-52 ohm coax to complete the matching network. Without this 70 foot of coax, the antenna will NOT function correctly.


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Practical Report

Paul - ZL2CQ on 11th Oct 2014

Hi, this is the 1st commercially made wire antennae I have had up, all the others were brewed variants that worked well for the location. Having replaced a modified 3 Band Double Extended Zepp, this antennae resembles its performance on all Bands to date. I Rate this at 5 Stars - it is obviously a "compromise" antennae & with a couple of basic add ons has proven to be more than foolproof for me 80m thru to 10m, therefore totally no hassle. I have a minimum run of RG58CU Coax with a tuned Coil at tranceiver end & 6 Torroids at the Feedpoint. ZERO RF on the feedline ! ...... & yes it handles up to 1kW when needed - here anyway. The Antennae Apex (inverted config) is a 14m alloy 3 x section mast which equates to 60m above Sea Level. If you have a Tuner & tune for max power out you will find there is a compromise of vswr & max power on tune. Using the feed from the end to the shack of coax, torroids or flat wound electrical choke, it recommends 72 ft. of coax but that is relevant without a Tuner & in some cases questionable - just use a Tuner on all bands that it needs. I consistently NOW run 30% LESS power input to the Amp. than I was for virtually similar results. RX - have worked S3 signals on all Bands ......... however I am using an Elecraft K3 so I am a little spoilt in the receive department. Check http://zl2cq.weebly.com/ for pics etc. Bang for Buck - works for me no problem. Good DX to you.

The newversionof G5RV antenna

WilliamWilson on 27th Aug 2014

I find this extended version of the famous G5RV antenna to be really a good antenna. with some more experimenting it could possibly be fully extended to not need an antenna tuner at all.William/AD0GB

NIce product - eager to get it up in the air.

4th Jan 2014

Very well constructed.