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1 Lot of 8 capacitors 

I noticed a problem when looking for capacitors for my Henry 2KD Classic amp. The cost was very high and allot of what I found had been sitting on the shelves for long periods of time.

The light bulb came on.... why not special order them. The original ones in my amp were 190uf/450v.  That is the value in allot of the older amps that are due for a tune-up. 

Why not give the power supply what it needs a little help. So i decided on 500 volt at 270uf.   Which with a lot of 8 units gives you 4500 volts @ 33.75uf.  That is BETTER!

These are 1 3/8" dim  2 1/4" high. PERFECT fit for the Henry, Alpha, Heathkit, Dentron, Ameritron, etc.  They are screw type.  

Isn't is wonderful how Technology has come so far and things can be  SMALLER and BETTER 

Take a look at the pictures.  If your looking for a low cost alternative to the older higher priced caps then here it is.


Item specifics:

Yes, custom made for Ni4L Antenna & Electronics
Operating Temperature:
-40~105 degree C
Brand Name:
Rated Voltage:
Package Type:
Through Hole
Fixed Capacitor
Amplifiers, general purpose 
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
Model Number:
Dia. 35*H50mm  1 3/8" D x 2 1/4" H
Standard 500V270uf
Capacitance range ±10%
Loss tangent ≤15%
volum 35*55mm
Current Stock:
Shipping Cost: Free Shipping
Condition: New
Weight: 4.00 LBS
Width: 12.00
Height: 12.00
Depth: 3.00
MPN: HM2H270M35X40 uucap
SKU: uucap500v270uf
Warranty: Rated voltage: 500V
Capacitance: 270uF
Tolerance: ±20%
Operated temperature range: -40 to 85℃
Dissipation factor(maximum): 0.2
Load lifespan: 3,000 hours
Since i cannot know how you will use them or connect them no warranty is implied, but i can assure you i will test each one before i send it to you so none will be DOA. 73 Chris Ni4L

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5 Stars
500 volt caps

First off I am very glad that someone finely addressed the cap issue in the Ameritron amps. I have an al1200 that I have owned for twenty years. It is a great amplifier. The only weak point has been the filter caps. I have changed them five times in twenty years. I installed the Ni4L caps this weekend and they worked great so far. No popping like the 450 volts. The only thing I can say is that I had to willow out the holes on the board to get the caps to fit but that was no big deal. It took 5 minutes. I will be ordering another set for my other al1200. Thanks Ni4L for solving this problem

5 Stars
Great Product aat Great Price!

I bought this for replacements of the caps in my 811H amp..... As soon as I replaced the cps, my amp was running quietly and smoothly with no popping or snapping noises......Thanks to Chris NI4L for manufacturing these items that any :"layman" can afford! I highly recommend this product!

5 Stars
What a find.

When you need capacitors like these, be prepared to spend time looking for them and becoming friends with a banker. I was surprised and pleased to find them on this site while I was here looking for something else. I got these at less than half of what i could find them for at any other place.... and the delivery time on the order was really fast. Great service.