My name is Chris Fox Ni4L.

I reside in the beautiful foothills of the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains.


In 1976, my father, an avid citizens band radio operator, brought home my first radio: a sleek black and chrome Courier Rebel 23-channel mobile radio with a 12 volt power supply and a 5/8 wave mag mount antenna to stick on the oil drum outside my window. This is when the bug hit me! However, I soon realized I needed a better antenna in order to "get out". I went to the local library and began my research on antennas and electronics. I decided to make my first home-brew, a 1/4 wave ground plane. Boy was it UGLY but so began my quest to build the perfect radio antennas.


In time, I wanted to take over the chimney. Despite the snow, I climbed up on the roof and tied off my antenna around the chimney with a log chain my father had. I got down and looked back up in awe as I had just installed my first home-brew vertical antenna. I checked the SWR, 2:1 across the band. I was happy and gave a call for a radio check, receiving a good signal and an audio report - I was so thrilled!  At the time, our house was in Boone, NC. With my new antenna I could now talk down the mountain.


As years passed, I continued to develop my knowledge, learning Morse code and always keeping my ear turned toward the radio waves. I eventually made my way to Stokesdale, NC and was introduced to a few local hams in High Point: Bill McCauley K4WJM and John Hamby WB4UZW who, in turn, Elemered me. We built a lot of neat things and I climbed several towers for John.


They talked me into getting my ticket.  With my ticket and a really nice spot overlooking the lake, I proceeded to build my first antenna farm. Up went the 60' tower with the 40' log for 10 meters.


Late one night in 1999, I checked into our group on 3.919 as I did most evenings. The round table was going on about resonant antennas. Keith Hayes KG4H, suggested I should start making antennas to sell since I enjoyed building them so much. 


So this is where it began for me, doing the research, testing out different materials, learning what not to do and eventually coming up with good quality antennas using solid materials and proven designs. Since 1999, I have been on the quest to make better antennas, and give my fellow ham a product hand crafted with care and attention to detail.


If you have an idea for something special and it is not in my catalog please contact me and we can work on it together.

1/2 wave dipole, OCF dipole, windom, full wave loop, end fed, inverted L, portable end fed antenna, long wire, SWL antenna, fan dipole, multiband dipole, G5RV,
Chris Ni4L