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The NI4L Dual Core OCF 7  3 Kw antenna performs really well.  Sometimes better than my beam on 20 meters.




The OCF is flat top with the ends at 45 ft. and the center at 35 ft.




SWR readings with the LP-100A digital vector RF wattmeter as follows:




3610  KHz            1.32


3800  KHz            1.68


3900  KHz            1.84




7100  KHz            1.40


7150  KHz            1.22


7260  KHz            1.21




14.150                  1.71


14.300                  1.47


14.347                  1.47




18.150                  1.50




28.5                       1.76




There are 10 Ferrid cores on the coax at the feed point to give 500 ohms of reactance to choke off the common mode current from the unbalanced OCF antenna.  Fair-Rite 2631665702 , Newark P/N 74CO278.








God bless,






NI4L’s 7 Band OCF Dipole    

A really detailed workout and review.



Hi Chris.


Well I finally have all the antennas up. Here are some pictures for you to use.


The 40 meter Caged dipole works GREAT!!! Better than a single dipole by about 2 db.


The fan dipole is next, and then the OCF dipole all on 40 meters.
I did some more testing and have seen as much as 5 to 10 db. Of course it could also be because of the direction that the antennas
The 160 meter OCF Dipole and the 160,80,40 Meter Fan Dipole run east west, and the 40 Meter Dipole runs north south.
I’m really liking the Caged Dipole.


So as far as I’m concerned the caged dipole works the best along with excellent SWR across the spectrum.







Just a big " Thank You " !

 Thank you so much for all your work that went into the 7 band O.C.F Dipole .
  I bought the antenna as a possible antenna for the house,but wanted to 
" Field test " the antenna .
  I asked a friend to bring his Fanned Dipole as a back-up to the OCF I got from you .
    I erected the mast with a hook and pulley system in case the test failed,we could hoist the fanned diopole
up without having to drop the whole thing and miss some valuable contacts .
  Well ,I need not have worried !
 The 7 band OCF worked better than anticipated , AND it was VERY easy to unpack,mount and play on Field Day .
   I bought this antenna back in April,and was waiting for a good field test .
     I got some very good feed back from the club members on this antenna,and promptly informed them
of your site and contact info .
Anyway,Chris, Thanks again for a great designed , performing ,  and quality built antenna !

"Hi Chris,

My antenna has arrived and I’d like to say that I am very happy about it.  I will spread the word regarding your company to my Danish radio amateur friends.
Steen Crohnager


" Chris,  Just thought i would let you know that i got the antenna up today. Great workmanship. The antenna was flat just where i wanted it to be. Thanks "   Charlie KM5GJ



"Chris,  Dude your product is Awesome! "    Scott Neader KA9FOX



"The antenna arrived Friday. Very pleased with the construction. Put it up over the weekend, swept with the MFJ-269 and used exactly as-is with no adjustments. I ran some tests in comparison to some other antennas I had available, checking into Coastal Carolina Emergency Net, Intercon, ECARS and 4RN. I got very good reports on both 75 and 40 despite noisy band conditions. Far better performance than the B&W or a G5RV, particularly noticed the difference using the fan dipole on the Micom-X without the coupler. This is the answer for mobile/portable NVIS ops for RACES."    Ed KE4SKY 


"you make a very good dipole!"    Bob G4VGO


"really nice antenna."    Wall KO4AG


"Chris, I got my antenna up today and it works good, I put it in a inverted V because I didnt seem to have as much space as I thought I had. It still resonates good on a 160 Meters. I like to do business with people like you and I will be sure to tell all my friends about you. God Bless"    Roy AC5MU


" Chris, I got the antenna in today. It looks great." Dion KE4TLC


"Chris, Received your Custom 160 dipole tuesday. Thanks for your wonderful work!  Phil AC6HY


 "Hi Chris,

Just wanted to let you know that the fan dipole is working great.  I had to ditch my initial set-up plan, but it seems to be working great on all bands now with no interaction - especially the 10 meter section which was wrapped over the 20 meter section previously (wires were touching).

Just because you wanted to know, here's the 2:1 portions of the antenna:


6.980 - 7.260 - so, It's a tad long - easily shortened & useable through the whole band.


13.950 - 15.065 - Really performs well here - covers the entire band & then some.


27.460 - 28.803 - perfect - covers the portions of the band I use & then some.

Thanks again,



"Hi Chris. 

"NI4L 160m dipole success

I bought a 160m dipole from you several years ago (probably been 8 years?).  It's been up the tower ever since.  Never had a problem with it, ever.  We have high winds here almost constantly and while I've had several antenna failures over the years, the one thing I've never had to worry about is the NI4L 160m dipole.  

Exciting news for me tonight, using your dipole... which is configured as an inverted vee with the apex at 90 feet... been trying for two weeks to try to work the FT5ZM dxpedition on 160 meters, and I got some propagation tonight and put them in the log.  Not just any propagation, but peaked at 589 on my little inverted vee.  FT5ZM is on the other side of the planet from here and I don't think any of the propagation programs suggested the path was even possible.  We only share a few minutes of darkness.

Scott Neader KA9FOX"