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The Newly Designed EZ Hang Square Shot was designed by thousands of HAMS, and Cable Installers around the world.

Took years in the making. Safer to use, and less misfires hitting the yoke.

The Custom EZ Hang Square Shot Kit, will save you time and over $11.00 off regular price of these Items. The EZ Hang Square Shot Kit includes, the new and improved, custom designed,

EZ Hang Square Shot with foldable wrist support for easy storage and packing.

UV resistivecustom bands, 11" long and large 1 1/2"pouch + Five weights and clips. EZ Winder (intermediate line dispenser) has 500' feet 155lb test of orange braided line.

The EZ Winder has a stakable handle to hold the dispenser upright, and the top pulls off for easy tangle free line dispensing.

The EZ HANG'sbasic construction is welded steel attached to a reel that is corrosion resistant plastic and stainless steel.

The reel comes with 300 feet of 10-pound-test monofilament line installed, a quick disconnect clip to release the weight and an easy-to-see "bright yellow" Custom cannon ball powder coated one-ounce lead weight.

This new square shot Kit is a must have for the one doing any type of antenna work without spending a lot of time and effort putting up your antennas.

It truly makes it a one person job.  

The EZ Hang comes with a one year limited warranty.





Some local ordinances and/or state and country statutes prohibit the possession of a slingshot. It is the buyer's responsibility to obey the law. We have no control over the laws in your city, state or country. You must be over 18 years of age to purchase an EZ Hang Tool. By ordering this product, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the above information regarding local ordinances and state and country statutes that apply to the possession of a slingshot that may apply to you.



NOTE: We Reserve the rigt to substitute wire between manufacturers run.




All our Antennas are custom made to order.


And will usally ship in  7 to 10 business days .


Some times manufacturers and parts availability will cause some delays.


But rest assured we are working on your order as fast as we can.



Current Stock:
Weight: 5.00 LBS
Width: 12.00
Height: 12.00
Depth: 10.00
Warranty: The EZ Hang comes with a one year limited warrenty.

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5 Stars
Great Shooter

EZ Hang Square Shot Kit -EZHSSK1 This sling shot with a decent Zebco on top for line retrieval will get the job done. At first I was skeptical as basically you have 3 options: 1- Tie a rock or big eyebolt tied to a rope and sling it, this method I have used but you limited to about 25ft, and you success rate will be very low. 2- Get a PVC air canon which has a very good potential for injury, that is why I ruled this out. 3- Sling shot - Sling Shot Reel combo, just about everyone has had a sling shot. I was never very good at it because we made our own out of a good forked stick and tire tubes. But this item offered by NI4L is highly accurate, made of a strong metal, the reel is reliable and a good one. My eyes are getting bad and my shoulders and hands a bit weak but I slung it up and shot 100% target rate, at about 35-50ft. Not bad. Got the job done getting the OCF Windom Dipole Antenna Poly-Stealth NI4LOCFSCPS up in the tree branches 35ft and all is working exactly as designed. If your tired of the old ways this will get the job done. Thanks for the quality products! 73 ND7C

5 Stars
EZ-Hang Slingshot

Having happened upon this item on the website, I was previously unfamiliar with it but ordered one. It made a potentially hazardous and difficult antenna placement quite easy. The dipole now hangs 45-50 ft above the ground with excellent reception. The included instructions were very helpful. I would recommend it to everyone without reservation as a safe way to place antennas.