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3000 Watt rated 4:1 Current Balun 

1200 watts RTTY, 3KW PEP



Ni4L 4:1 Current balun SC


 4:1 baluns are designed for 50 ohm unbalanced (coax) input to 200 ohm output (either balanced or with one side grounded).


4:1 baluns are useful between balanced lines for center fed Zepps, Off-center fed (OCF) dipoles with coax, G5RV antennas, full wave loops, NVIS dipoles that are close to ground and have impedance levels near 200 ohms or high impedance feeds for log periodic beams.


F240/61 ferrite core with number 14 teflon covered 1000 volt wire.


Housed in a 3” x 3” x 3” waterproof housing with SO-239 input and stainless steel eye bolts on the side with 6” wire tails for ease of connection to your wire antenna.  Top eye bolt acts as an antenna hoist.


Note: Balun pictured with wire attached for your reference only. You must supply your own wire to make the antenna.


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