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4:1 dual core current balun

Constructed using dual 240/61 cores.  Stainless steel hardware. 

This 50:200 ohm dual core current balun is actually designed for a 65:260 ohm making it useful for 75:300 and 50:200 ohm ranges. 

We have measured it at 100, 200, 300 ohm loads with satisfactory conversion results capable of tunable SWR under 2:1 with an antenna tuner. 

At 50:200 it has an  SWR < 1.25 from 1.8 to 54 Mhz and has been used very successfully with a 160 meter OCF antenna (20% offset feed point). 

With dual cores you get great frequency range, equal current in each leg and very conservative 1.5KW rating.

Full power balun for OCF antennas, folded dipoles, Zepp, longwire, and multiband delta loop antennas.  A real workhorse with built in choking action for common mode rejection.


All our Antennas are custom made to order.
And will usally ship in 7 to 10 business days .
Some times manufacturers and parts availability will cause some delays.
But NOTE: We Reserve the rigt to substitute wire between manufacturers run.


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Weight: 2.00 LBS
Width: 8.00
Height: 12.00
Depth: 3.00
MPN: 4-1dcb ni4l
SKU: 4to1DC3kw

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5 Stars

I bought this to replace the wimpy 200 watt balun that came with my Carolina Windom OCF diople. This balun works great with this antenna and with 1kw going through it.

5 Stars
Excellent Balun

Made a 40 OCF Dipole hanging up at 50'. Under 1:5 on 40/20/10. Around 2:1 on 12 and 17. Works as advertised. Been pushing 600 watts SSB into no problem. Highly recommended.

5 Stars
Well made 4:1 balun

NIce feature is coverage of frequencies through the 6 meter band. Robustly built.