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80/75 meter cage dipole

Each cage dipole is hand made with quality and care, using materials that will take the abuse of even the most harsh enviroment.

The wire used is #14 AWG Flex-Weave. Polyethylene black jacketed FLEX-WEAVETM, 168 copper strands for high abrasion/rodent resistance light weight making this a excellent choice for the 125' length.

The center connector used is the W2DU ANsulatorW2DU End-sulators

All connections are swagged and soldered, adhesive lined 3:1 heat shrink is used on all connections. 


The balun used is the Choke-Kit




Frequency:  1.8 - 60 MHz


Through-line impedance:  50 ohms (nominal)


Insertion loss: less than 0.2 dB at 60 MHz


Common mode inductance: 24 uH (nominal)


Power handling: 2kW continuous duty


Load mismatch tolerance:  greater than 5:1 VSWR at 2kw


Connectors:  PL-259 and SO-239


Ferrite material:  seven Fair-Rite P/N 2643102002 (850 Initial Perm, 2900 gauss at 10 oersteds, nickel-zinc)


Specifications subject to change without notice


24 microhenries provides an inductive impedance of 270 ohms at a frequency of 1.8 MHz.


(multiply Inductance in microhenries by Frequency in megahertz by 6.28 to get Inductive Impedance in ohms)


*For a full explanation on how a balun works, see Chapter 9 of ŇTransmission Line Transformers" by Jerry Sevick, ISBN 1-884932-18-5


The cage material is 7" round X 1/4" thick white ABS plastic.

The cage dipole is a 1/2 wave in size aprox. 125' in length. Each side has 6 wires, held together with galvinized cable clamps,

crimped with a copper sleeve and soldered, then covered with adhesive lined heat shrink. This can be tuned with the end tuning

stubs, to get the lower or higher part of the band.

The 80 meter cage dipole has a bandwidth spread of almost 1 mhz. 3:1 and under.

The 80 meter cage dipole can be installed flat or inverted V, recommened  height 35'.

Remember as with all antennas, be safe and use your head. Stay away from power lines and have a spotter around if you're on

the roof or tower.


All our Antennas are custom made to order.
And will usally ship in 7 to 10 business days .
Some times manufacturers and parts availability will cause some delays.
But NOTE: We Reserve the rigt to substitute wire between manufacturers run.




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MPN: Ni4L 80/75 meter cage dipole
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